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Assassin Charters were the first to bring softbait fishing to New Zealand and have a tremendous amount of knowledge they can share with you to create a truly unique fishing experience in the Hauraki Gulf – from Kawau Bay through to Great Barrier Island. Brett has not forgotton the art of bait fishing, straylining is his pasison. He has great succes in jigging and popper fishing for kingfish.

Brett has been on DVD and TV, with such crews as…

  • National Geographic
  • Escape with ET
  • Ozzie Berkley Team
  • Graeme Sinclair
  • Jeff Thomas
  • Bill Hohepa

NZ Berkley Team

Also Assassin Fishing Charters have been involved in running seminars on softbaiting and bait fishing around the country, including the boat show, meaning they have a huge depth of experience and the ability to teach others these skills and help you get the results on the water.

Fishing Charter Experience

One of the great things that you experience when chartering a boat like Assassin, is the knowledge and experience that you have on tap. Brett is friends with top anglers and fishing suppliers which means he is right up with the play on the latest technology and latest techniques for softbaiting, jigging etc Experience and knowledge that you get to share in, on every trip.

Every trip on the Assassin is about you getting the best experience and having a whole lot of fun – no matter what your skill level or age group.

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What Can I Expect To Catch?

Snapper FishingSnapper

Snapper are the main species caught on our fishing charters and are one of the most sought after fish by New Zealand Fisherman.

They are found consistently around the entire North Island. The average size fish are in the vicinity of 2.3kg but much bigger fish (15kg) are sometimes landed. The bigger Snapper can really put up an impressive fight as often happens on our fishing Charters. Take a look at our Gallery to see some great photos of Snapper caught on the Assassin.

Snapper are found around or near almost every reef, harbour, channel and over the vast worm beds in the Hauraki Gulf.


Kahawai are widespread throughout New Zealand and are found from the estuaries out to the outer islands.

This sleek fish has an average size of 40cm to 50cm long and weigh in at around 2 to 3kg.

The Kahawai have great fighting ability and have earnt the reputation as one of the top “light tackle” game fish. They’re especially great game fish on salt water fly (SWF).

They can be found year round and can be enticed by presenting plenty of Berley. They are becoming more plentiful which is great.

Yellow Tail Kingfish

This is another species that has put NZ on the map as a great sport fishing location.

Because of the climate and the availability of food these fish reach far greater sizes than anywhere else in the world. Most of the world records for this species of fish have been recorded as caught in New Zealand. An example is the record of 52kg on both 15kg and 24kg line classics.

Because of the Yellow Tail Kingfishes large numbers they are easily targeted for their size and fighting ability which makes it a first class light tackle game fish.

The Kingies are located in the vicinity of most foul ground, which Assassin fishes regularly, and once hooked the fish endeavor to return to these areas being virtually unstoppable.

Kingies can be caught all year round with winter fish being less common but generally larger.

If you wish to fish for this species then the best time to book a charter is in the summer and autumn months.

Kingfish inhabit rocky headland reefs and deep water pinnacles, especially where there is a reasonable tidal current like in many fishing spots in the Hauraki Gulf.

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Along with Kahawai and the Yellow Tail Kingfish the Trevally are another “top” light tackle sport fish.

They’re located mostly in the North Island in greater numbers during warmer months of summer.

Trevally frequent different water levels from shallow bays to deep water and can be sometimes seen feeding in schools of Krill with their heads ot of the water in the outer gulf.

This is a top eating fish with an average size of 2kg to 4kg. They also can be enticed to take a saltwater fly and prove to be a great fighting fish equal to any small game fish caught by this method.

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