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The Hauraki Gulf is covered with many islands which are breeding grounds for many birds. There are many more species that come to feed on the abundant fishlife. As the Gulf is a breeding ground for many fish there egg and larvae float on the surface which seabirds feed on. Some small fish feed on the eggs near the surfact and become food for Gannets Shearwaters and Black Petrels Situated less than hour from the coast is Little Barrier. This is a bird sanctuary and breeding spot for some of the birds we see on the Hauraki Gulf . It is also the breeding site of the New Zealand Storm Petrel. Which Assassin has been netting and radio tagging then tracking.

Another popular bird breeding site is to the north at the Moko Hinau Islands. Both uninhabited by humans so there is an abundance of wildlife.

Bird Watching on Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf

Bird Watching AucklandYou can see a unique array of locally endemic seabirds on our bird watching charters, such as; *New Zealand storm Petrel

  • Black Petrel
  • Cook’s Petrel
  • Grey faced Petrel
  • Pycroft Petrel
  • White faced Petrel
  • Common Diving Petrels along with Buller’s Little, Flesh footed and Fluttering Shearwaters
  • Blue Penguins and more…

We regularly see the New Zealand Storm Petrel which was rediscovered in the gulf and then in 2004 aboard our vessel the Assassin.

So come aboard with your camera with wide angle and long range lenses and binoculars for a bird watching extravaganza! Brett doesn’t feel happy until you have put your binoculars down, this means the birds are close enough to see with the naked eye.

We often see whales and dolphins on these trips.

To book a bird watching boat charter to remember, phone Assassin Charters 021 449 842 or from overseas +64 21 449 842 or simply book online.

You’ll find Brett is very knowledgeable about the local bird life and skilled at bird spotting, meaning almost every charter is a roaring success even for the most seasoned.

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